About Us

“Antamoma” first opened its doors in 1991; a family business ran by George’s parents, Vaggelis and mama Maria, with the latter mainly running the kitchen. In 2001 however, the family decided to close down the restaurant. A few years down the line, George was feeling a bit unsatisfied with his life, as if there was something knawing away at him,  and edging him to find a purpose in his life. He then decided to follow in mama Maria’s footsteps, so he studied at a top chef’s school in Athens. Today, mother and son work very hard together in order to bring mouth-watering and delicious dishes to your table. When mama Maria’s knowledge and experience of traditional dishes meet her son’s expertise in modern cooking techniques, the results are astounding.

Staying connected to the community is of paramount importance to the philosophy that has come to shape “Antamoma”.  Over the years, George and his family  have developed and fostered relationships with local growers, producers, fishermen and artisans of Naxos. His efforts and passions have led him to establish his own herb and vegetable farm on his father’s land, a part of which is solely dedicated to the cultivation of organic produce. Whatever cannot be produced on the family’s farm, they try to source carefully, thoughtfully, and locally whenever possible.

George’s passion for food, community, collaboration and a strong desire for his work to have a positive and meaningful impact have undoubtedly led  to the success of ”Antamoma”. So, whether you want to enjoy lunch or a romantic dinner and allow the breathtaking views of the Naxos sunset  take your breath away, “Antamoma” is the place for you. This superb restaurant is one of the most popular ones on Naxos, not only because of its exquisite cuisine, but also because of its exceptional and friendly service. So come and experience delicious Naxos food and genuine hospitality at its very best!